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With your donations more than 100 street connected children receive food, education and various services based on their needs.


Education for Better Parenting 

A Guideline about positive parenting that every parent should read

Schools during COVID 19 Pandemic

A practical guideline for educational institutions how to manage education process during pandemic

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Lela’s new profession - Embarking on a journey in social work

Lela Gogoladze is a social worker and one of the active participants from Borjomi Municipality who successfully completed the training Child protection and advanced her knowledge in the field, which she can apply in practice to better address the problems and needs of vulnerable children and families in her region. “Working in this field was so exciting for me, that it has become my new profession. I love my job, it brings a sense of fulfilment and motivation to my professional life. My passion and desire to help the most vulnerable children and families, especially those who are not integrated into the community and require support to become self-sustained and resilient, led me to a life-changing experience. We, social workers, help others overcome various challenges and make a positive impact on people's lives ”, - Lela Gogoladze. 

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11 August
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21 July
Ukraine Crisis Response Director visited World Vision office in Georgia

Chris Palusky, the Response Director of the Ukraine Crisis Response, visited the World Vision office in Georgia with the mission to oversee the program’s activities, learn about the results and its impact on Ukrainian refugees in the country. From the first day of the crisis, World Vision has been responding to the urgent needs of the Ukrainian people affected by the war through Global Response Program reaching more than 1.3 million people in the following countries: Ukraine, Romania, Moldova and Georgia.

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16 June
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