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Day Centers and Shelters
The purpose of the day care center and 24 hour shelter is to meet the basic needs of children in the streets and support their integration into their community through formal and informal education and psycho-social rehabilitation.
Day center and 24-hour shelter

World Vision Georgia has been operating in Georgia to support children living and working in the streets since 2013. Today our organisation runs three daycare centers and 24-hour shelters, where approximately 100 children receive the following services on a daily basis:

  1. Meeting the basic needs of children living and working in the streets
  2. Assessment of individual needs of children
  3. Assessment of literacy, mathematical and living skills
  4. Setting the needs-based goals for the individual development and care plan
  5. Arouse children’s interest in school and education through formal and informal activities
  6. Psycho-social development and rehabilitation through art therapy, handicraft, individual and group therapy, spiritual development.

Center N1: 29, A.Chikobava str.
Center N2: Gldani, 4 mk/r, Block 109
0102, Tbilisi, Georgia

032 215 15 15

More About Our Services

In cooperation with the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia and under the financial support of the European Union and UNICEF, World Vision Georgia opened three daycare and Crisis Intervention Centers (24-hour shelter) for homeless children (2 centers in Tbilisi and 1 in Kutaisi). Three mobile groups search children in the streets in Tbilisi and Kutaisi and provide them with direct assistance and appropriate services.

Since 2014, mobile groups provided various services to over 600 beneficiaries:

  • Urgent medical and social assistance
  • Solicitation for obtaining personal identification documents
  • Clothes
  • Food
  • Medicines
  • Minor repairs to improve living conditions

Along with direct assistance, a multidisciplinary mobile group provid regular consultations to the beneficiaries and redirect them to various service providers such as daycare center and 24-hour shelter, medical and general education institutions.