Education for Better Parenting
04 July

World Vision Georgia and "Psychometric and Counseling Association" have been implementing a joint project - "Education for Better Parenting" since October 2018. The book on positive parenting has been developed at final stage.

The project aimed to educate parents, raise awareness and strengthen them in positive parenting.  Public lectures and discussions were held with more than 2000 parents in Tbilisi and other target regions (Kakheti, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Imereti).

During its work in regions, World Vision Georgia often faces a lack of awareness-raising activities for parents. Information of positive parenting is not accessible to parents. Therefore, the organization decided to conduct public lectures and trainings in the target regions to help parents receive information about positive parenting methods and guidance in their relationship with the child.

The role of the parent is not limited to physical care, it is important to have the emotional support of the child, parental involvement in the child's cognitive development and education.  Various areas and topics have been identified by the specialists where parents expressed their interest and needed guidance. 

The lectures covered the following issues:

  • Development of attachment and self-regulation skills at early ages
  • Food, nutrition, hygiene and health care for children at early ages
  • Play at early ages
  • Readiness for school
  • Middle childhood. Child development and upbringing at the age of  6-11
  • Positive interaction at age of 6-10 
  • Teen age. Child development at the age of 11-18
  • Parental involvement in the educational process
  • Behavior management
  • Managing stress and anger in parents
  • Safe and caring physical and social environment
  • Protecting child safety in the virtual space
  • Use of digital technologies according to age and development
  • Violence against children and its consequences
  • Diversity and inclusion

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