Head of the Austrian Development Agency Georgia Office paid a visit to World Vision Georgia to oversee the progress of joint projects
25 March

Alexander Karner, Head of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) Georgia Office recently paid a visit to World Vision Georgia office. During his visit, he met and talked with the local staff to oversee the progress of ongoing projects. 

World Vision Georgia has been actively working toward advancing Child Welfare and Public Health Systems in the country with the financial support of the Austrian Development Agency. To bring positive changes and achieve a sustainable impact in the field, World Vision team has been committed to strengthening Child Protection Management Processes on municipal and national level, developing social work supervision mechanisms, building the capacity of social workers and family doctors to ensure coordinated and effective work, advocating for the implementation of the Child Rights Code, providing essential psycho-social support to most vulnerable children, equipping Public Health Centres with needed technical and medical resources for improved service provision, actively raising community awareness on social and health issues as well as the significance of immunization.

Project Managers and the National Director of World Vision provided valuable insights into the country's context on child welfare, and the organization's accomplishments and discussed the prevailing gaps that need to be further addressed to ensure long-lasting positive outcomes in the sector.

Mr Karner also met the Chairperson of the Child Rights Council at the Parliament of Georgia together with World Vision representatives. At the meeting, the monitoring plan for the enforcement of the Code on the Rights of the Child, developed by World Vision and Council was discussed. 
The Head of ADA also attended the training session for healthcare workers, where he had an opportunity to engage in conversation with the family doctors and receive feedback about the on-the-job training modules and capacity-building opportunities provided to them. The visit was concluded by visiting the Day Care Centre and 24-hour Shelter for street-connected children managed by World Vision Georgia. By spending time with children and their caregivers, he gained a deeper understanding of their needs, joys, and aspirations. 

“The slogan "Leave no one behind" defines and guides the support we provide as part of our Development Cooperation in Georgia. We are therefore particularly pleased about the work of our partner World Vision Georgia, which is committed to helping children who need it most - to give them a home and a safe place where they can develop, interact and build their future”, - he noted. 

We extend our sincere gratitude to the Austrian Development Agency for being our steadfast partner and supporter. With the continued support of ADA, we aim to achieve further positive changes and accomplish many more milestones together.